A comprehensive unit converter for the Mac that automatically converts as the user types a value.

Automatic Conversion

Type the value to be converted (red color) in the desired unit field. The other text fields will automatically update to there particular value. No need to press the "Enter" or "Tab" key to initiate the conversion.


Toolbar Categories

Categories include mass, length, volume, area, speed, temperature, time, acceleration, density, pressure, energy, power, force, circular, angular, torque, flow rate volume, flow rate mass, radiation, radioactivity, computer data.


Custom Toolbar

"Control-Click" or "Right-Click" on the toolbar to customize the category icons. Reorder the icons by dragging them while in the "Customize Toolbar..." view.


Please contact the developer if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future updates.


WeathrClip for Mac and iPhone

WeathrClip provides current weather conditions, 5 day forecast, hourly forecast, and radar of your current location or a user defined location. All weather data is provided by the Weather Underground which also provides personal weather station data.

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